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»[30th December 2018]

Crap, I nearly went through all of 2018 without putting some new music on here. Not to worry, I'll just pick up something half-finished from earlier in the year and slap it together into something I can call a song.

I managed to pull a Phil Collins and make this into a diptych of songs. Yes. A diptych. In other pretentious news, I'm embarking on a jazz odyssey. Is it any wonder no one ever takes me seriously?

Here's the other song. They're supposed to be played one after the other but which is an easier sell on Bandcamp, a five minute original song or two sub-three-minute ones? Not that anyone will listen to it in any case. Anyway, this song will be used on Cardinaris if I ever get that finished.

I'm really sorry I had zero inspiration for the artwork for these and just wanted to get them uploaded before it's 2019.

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»[5th August 2018]

Here's four blog updates that I wrote in relatively quick succession but only got around to 'finishing' today.

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»[18th August 2017]

Here's a new song, it's called 'We're Through'. It was another attempt to try and stick to a completely formulaic pop song structure. Because I'm a pop star. So you've got the old double verse, chorus, verse 2, chorus, bridge, double chorus structure. Unsurprisingly, the song is pretty much done at 3:30 if you don't count the outro, so that was a win. It's pretty easy to come up with a six minute song that just goes on and on. Trying to fit everything into this structure was a good set of rules to stop the recording becoming a bloated mess.

It's been a while since I've done a song with some heavy guitars so this was a good opportunity to dust off the Pod and attempt to come up with some heavy riffs. The last time I really did anything like this was on Straw Man, three(!) years ago. Interesting how that's about the same time I was leaving another shit

»[6th June 2017]

This started life last August as a droney instrumental. I decided it sounded pretty miserable so I left it. In the ensuing ten months I haven't recorded any music at all so I brought this back from the dead.

With three tracks not attached together I now have the magic number to make a new album on Bandcamp. Which means that at the moment my album has a