»11th February 2019


Some MP might have a book coming out, or wants to increase their standing in their party, so has said some inflammatory comment.

The statement comes at a time when something related is also in the news.

The MP wants to sound like they have the common touch and that they are uniquely placed to articulate the thoughts of voters.

They are not.

In other news:

We saw something on Twitter.

Other people on Twitter had seen it too.

It's not really all the important, because it was from the Internet.

We managed to find Some Random Guy who agrees with what the MP is saying, to make it look more like this is a widely held view and thus more newsworthy.

A recent study by a think-tank supports this view.

However another recent study by a different think-tank contradicts what the MP is saying.

The MP issued a longer statement where they explained their ridiculous opinion in more detail.

The MP used to be on some committee unrelated to this topic, so their opinions are completely without value.

Seriously, they have no actual expertise in this area, we might as well have asked a drunk in the pub what they think on the matter.

Analysis by that senior reporter off the evening news

This sort of thing has happened before.

This fits into a larger trend.

This touches a nerve with voters.

Critics are saying lots of different things.

I have Westminster sources who are saying things to me behind closed doors.

Number 10 need to tread carefully in the coming weeks if they want something to happen.

I have a blog.

Extar, over, out.


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