»6th December 2018

You Won't Believe This Weird Trick What MTG:Arena Emotes Really Mean


The only way to interact with people on MTG:Arena is with six emotes. Naturally, this creates a strange meta-language to get over what you really mean. I typed out this blgo update whilst waiting for a control player to finish their stacked turns.

Hello! - Hurry up.

Nice! - I hope you're proud of yourself.

Your Go. - Hurry the fuck up.

Thinking... - Fuck you, you can wait.

Oops. - Well that was stupid.

Good Game. - I didn't draw any lands.

There is of course one other way of interacting with people. Specifically, people playing slow-ass infinite combo control decks. You know the sorts of people: dicks. Loathsome, hateful, masturbatory dicks. Human waste. Against those guys there is but one recourse: you can just AFK and let them sit waiting for a Nexus of Fate to resolve. Oh yes, it really is that petty.

Extar, over, out.


P.S.K. we're making that green. People always say, 'what the hell does that mean?'