»12th December 2017

Art Lessons

Sometimes I talk to my friends on Instagram. I mean, I use Instagram to talk to my friends. It's not like I have people I am friends with because of Instagram. It's been a while since I did one of these Look, it's been a while since most things.

Unrelated picture placed at the top of the article purely to grab your attention and act as a visual anchor and marker for the article: Sonar image of Franklin's lost expedition, September 2014. Source: Wikipedia. Tangential reference: I use the use the maritime term 'flotsam' further down in the article. Tenuous Arrested Development reference: my favourite Bluth.

The Saturday tutor will set tasks like 'draw with one continuous line', 'draw with your weaker hand' or 'without looking at the paper'. Or encourages us to use certain media. That's all helpful, and like you say helps to get you out of your comfort zone.

We had art sessions on the PGCE like that. Completely useless for learning how to teach, but a lot of fun.

The guy was some conceptual artist/sculptor who liked to create works from flotsam he found on the river bank at the end of his garden. He liked to explore meaning and permanence through what we throw away in our society. Oh yeah, and he was like, a teacher for a bit, or something.

Sadly, I never got the chance to do the 'let's make sculptures out of driftwood and then let the river wash it all away to explore ideas of death and renewal' lesson with Year 3.

Instead did you give them blue paint and turn on 'I'm Blue' by Eifel 65 and say 'paint what you feel'?

We did that at secondary school, so maybe a little advanced for Year 3.

Haha I had a long series of afternoon-long art sessions where I got Year 1 to draw railway tunnels.

Being a GCSE art teacher is a racket.

Extar, over, out.


The trend is probably drifting away from long-form updates. It's not like I'm HBO.