»14th November 2017

Pizza Worm Ex

I've been making more games on Scratch again. This one is my attempt at Pizza Worm, the freeware snake game you might have played in the nineties. This one was done in an afternoon, as opposed to the hours upon hours that Dominion Ex taken. There's quite a bit of slow-down. Oh well.

Use the arrow keys to steer left and right. Press space to start. There really aren't all that many controls.

The voracious pizza worm must eat everything to grow as long as possible. Don't crash into the walls or your own tail or you will die.

Eating things gives you points and makes your pizza worm grow longer. Yes, this is a snake game, did you not get that from the title?

The bigger the pizza, the more points you get and the longer it makes you.


Full pizzas never disappear. You can pick them up last. Everything else disappears after a short time.

Slices of pizza are the most tasty and are worth double points. (????)

Cola makes you move faster, which can be dangerous. However, it earns you bonus points depending on the current Difficulty Bonus. The bigger the Difficulty Bonus the more points you earn.

Eating pizza all the time and only drinking cola is bad for your health, even if you are a pizza worm, so eat some apples to make things easier. Apples cut off 20% of your body (ouch) but also reduce the difficulty bonus by 20% so you won't earn as many points.

A Little History

Pizza Worm was made available as freeware back in the day. I discovered an innocuous folder named 'pworm' on a shareware games CD that I got with my first ever soundcard and never looked back. I initially tried to replicate the game as closely as possible but realised the colour cycling of the worm would be too hard to do in Scratch. So I made a few alterations and additions.

The original Pizza Worm was designed by Zorlim, real name Sami Lehtinen. He lives in Helsinki, Finland and works in IT. He'd have been 18 when he wrote Pizza Worm. When I was eighteen I was making Cumpari Inversion... Sigh.

Extar, over, out.


TCP/IP, it's fucking me off. Other protocols doing little more. Definitely got worse. Now making me curse. Removing IPX. Will it ever work? Never!